1 year on the road

1 year on the road

365 days ago i left my home for cycling through asia. Now it’s time for a small review of the highlights i had in this time. 19 countries, thousands of kilometres, 2 flats (turkmenistan and cambodia), 1 broken rim (Tajikistan), 4 chains, 2 traffic accidents (bangkok and phnom penh), 4655m altitude (akhaital pass, the pamirs, Tajikistan) and 4 deserts (iran, turkmenistan, uzbekistan and china) later, my memories are hard to complete. Here they are:
Everything started at the 29. of march in wettingen, switzerland, when i left my mothers home.

After cycling along the danube river until turkey i saw the impressive blue mosque in istanbul. One of my most favourite city so far.

The caves and landscape in cappadocia, turkey, are a hikers dream.

Iran is definitely the worlds number one in hospitality. I met so many nice peoples and was invited in a lot of families.

Isfahan, a old traditional town in the desert, under the heritage of the UNESCO is famous for the old bridges.

Together with my mum, we visited the old renovated town in buchara, uzbekistan (in the picture you can see the mosque and minaret kaljan).

In Tajikistan i had two big highlights. Once the trekking tour in the fan mountains

and the pamir highway.

The biggest desert i made was the taklamakan desert in west china. Camels, sand dunes and the delicious food of the uigur minority (turkish speaking muslims) makes this place so fascinating.

Hong Kong with a population of 7 million peoples (same like switzerland) and all the towers are a big contrast to the silence places before.

The Wat Phra Kaew temple in bangkok is the most magnificent i’ve seen in my life.

But to believe what the empire of the khmers builded up in angkor (cambodia) you must have seen all this temples by your own. After more than 300 pictures and 5 days of discovering i had enough for the first time. Unbelievable!

I want to thanks everyone, who helped me or cycled with me together in this time. Also for all the others, who invited me or just gave me a smile after a hard day on the road. THANKS A LOT! All of you helped me to realise a dream. My journey is not finish. Actually i’m still in cambodia. Asia is so fascinating and i try to stay on this continent for some more months. Keep reading my blogs. I’m always happy to reach mails from friends wasserclown@gmx.ch. If i’m not to lazy, i try to write back. See you soon!