Since last Sunday Tom and I have already crossed 3 countries. From Budapest we continued towards Solt. There we met Johanna Brause and Andreas Krüger on Monday morning.
The two have started from Hamburg and also drive towards China. They have taken a break of 3 years. Until lunch time, it went on to fourth. We really wanted to reach the Croatian border by evening. The lady from the border guard asked us about the destination. When we told China, she just said, "You must be crazy!".

There are still minefields in Croatia. That's why wild camping is not recommended. Right next to the first village we were allowed to pitch the tents next to the sports field. Even better was the next place on the Serbian border. A three star hotel in Ilok provided us with their beach. Unfortunately, it rained and rained all night.

Otherwise, in Croatia but not much traces of the war are available. The contrast in Serbia is much clearer. The dogs do not seem to like smelly cyclists at all. The streets are equally dangerous with their vehicles. Equal rights in road traffic seem to be a foreign word in this country. The stronger one wins.

Belgrade is an amazing city. The first person we addressed showed us half the city. His name is Dragan Dimitrisevic and he went to a real Serbian restaurant with us.

The people here in Eastern Europe are generally very friendly and helpful. Everywhere you are addressed. Hopefully the next days in Romania will stay that way! Let's have a look ...