Into the Desert

Into the Desert

Since i wrote the last Time an English Blog, i passed many beautiful landscapes. A Highlight were the Scenic View in Sari Tash, Kirgistan and the Taklamakan- Desert in the Xinijang Provinz in China.

In Kashgar we met Tim and Andi again. They invited me for cycling togheter along the southern Silkroad. Talon went South over the Karakorum Highway to Pakistan and India. After three Months with bad Food in Central Asia it was still amazing to join all these delicious Restaurants in Kashgar. Just the cold Weather wasn’t nice. The Water in our bottles was mostly frozen in the morning. China is a massive Country. The distances are sometimes unbelievable. We cycled through different landscapes with trees and sand dunes.

Everything looks a little bit different here; the road signs, the peoples and the camels. The chinese letters are not possible to read for me. But Tim and Andi had a real good dictionary. That helped us a lot. After the desert we went north for visiting a friend of Andi. She’s teaching English at a Junior School in the Gansu Provinz. Before that, we visited the Mogao Caves.

One of the biggest Monumental about Buddhism Art in the World and under the Heritage of the UNESCO, situated in the middle of the Desert.
Jenny invited us for a Presentation about our Trip in her classes. The children and teachers had so much fun about us, that we had to make one week long every day a little show. Hard Work! But it was funny for all of us. At the Weekend we visited the Fortress of Jiayuguan and the big Chinesewall.

Impressive! We decided, to continue alone. Tim goes to Xi’an and then South to Vietnam. Andi wants to visit Xinning, Chengdu, Kunming and then Laos. In Thailand they want to meet each other again. Thanks a lot Guys for the great Desert Tour. Good Luck for the Rest of your Trip.
I took the Train to Guangzhou. The cold Temperature was to much for me. From here it goes by Train to Hong Kong for celebrating Christmas and New Year with my Family. They come to visit me.
Thanks a lot Jenny for your great hospitality. It was awesome.
I wish everyone at this part a Very Christmas and a Happy New Year and hope, you will join my blog next year as well. Contact: