The Hospitality in Iran

The Hospitality in Iran

In the last 3 Months i had a lot of nice Adventures during my Tour through Iran and Turkmenistan. Specialy the Local People’s in Iran were just amazing. I was very surprised about their hospitality. Many Days and Nights i could spend in different Familys. 20 km before Hamadan i met three Race Cyclists. They invited me, to stay two days in their City.

In Yazd, in the big Desert ‚Dasht- e Lut‘, i met 6 other Cyclists.
Stefan and Karin started this April from Switzerland and cycled until Istanbul. From there they continued by Bus to Turkey, Iran, Central Asia, China and back to Istanbul for finishing the Trip again by Bike back Home
Sabine is also an Swiss Cyclist. She’s cycling alone from her Homebase to China. We crossed each other in Capadocia but couldn’t met us over there. She was very happy to met Jeremy from Canada in Iran. Togheter they will finishing their Journey in China at the End of this Year. Jeremy was started in Canada over the Sea to England, France, Switzerland, and many other Countrys to Iran.
With Tim and Tine i drived by Bus from Yazd over Tabas to Yazd. Their ‚ Rice Tour‘ took them from Belgium through Europe to Iran, Central Asia and China. For All of us it was still to Hot in the Desert to go Cycling over there (54 Degrees during the Day).
In Mashhad we stayed with Jon and Michael from England in the same Homestay. The two Guys are cycling for the Charity ‚Water Aid‘ Project from the British Island on the Silk Road to China
In Iran i had 3 very nice Homestays. In Toudeshk Mohammed stoped me on the Road. He’s hosting Cyclers since 8 Years now and speaks fluently English. Also the Silk Road Hotel in Yazd was great to stay and Valis Homestay in Mashhad. Over there i could find my Tent Carpet.

After a 15 Days Trip to the Coast of the Caspian Sea and through the Albroz Mountains i went back to Vali and met Herbert there Until he’s retired, he trys to cycle so much as possible. Togheter with Phillip he’s on the Way to China. After that he will also continue the Journey to Singapore, like i do.
Herman, Oscar and Emil went also to Mashhad. They started from Sweden The End Destination will be Peijing in China.

At least i met Adam from New Zealand. He was working in London for 5 Years and decided to cycle back Home. We went togheter to Turkmenistan and so on until Bukhara in Uzbekistan.

On this Place i want to say „Thank You very much for the great Time in Iran“ to all the People’s i met over there and specialy for the Women’s i hope, that they can life one Day in Freedom. What the Goverment is doing in this Country is still against the Human Rights. The People’s are living in a big Prison.
I’m not publishing any Fotos from People’s i met in Iran to protect them. Please, respect that.
My Mum will visiting me now in Usbekistan and then i keep continue my Trip on the Pamir Highway. Where the Wheater should be colder, i belive.