Through Europe

Through Europe

Sorry, for waiting so long! But here it is: My first English Blog. I met a lot of People’s until leaving Switzerland. In Austria i cycled togheter with Tom Bruce and Julius Folke.

Tom has got a charity project for the SOS Children Village. In 8 months he will cycle from Manchester arround the World. Togheter with him i drived across Eastern Europe until Istanbul, the most way along the massiv Danube River. He’s carry on to Georgia, Aserbaidschan over the Caspian Sea for visting Central Asia, Mongolia, China, Canada and at last the USA.

Another very nice Meeting was in Hungary. There we met Johanna and Andreas. They started in Hamburg for discovering the Planet by Bike. For this famous Project they got three Years Time.

In Istanbul i ordered all the Visas for Central Asia. At the Embassy of Uzbekistan, as we were waiting, we started talking with Paul He’s from the Netherlands and will make a Journey from his Homebase to Europe, Turkey, Iran, Central Asia, China, Pakistan, India, Australia, New Zealand, South and Zentral America. The Destination will be California in November 2012 after 20 months on the Road.

Gordon Yeats (Gordon.D.Yeats @ facebook) stayed in the same Hostel with us in Istanbul. In November 2010 he tooked his Bike and made a long Travel along the Coasts of France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece and some more until Turkey. Now he’s Flying to India and after his Trip keeps going on to Southeast Asia, Taiwan, China, Japan and so on until the Money runs out.

Well, i’m in Cappadocia now for visiting the Beautiful Rock Sites. After that it goes on to Southeastern Anatolia and at the First of June i can cross the Boarder of Iran.

You can contact me anytimes over If i got Time and enough Energy i will try to wrote you back.