It's time! Already on my return from Asia 2 years ago I realized: I get back on the bike as fast as possible! " On my last trip, I was able to gain a lot of experience. I wanted to keep some things but also change some things. Kurd, my faithful bike, would have needed a complete overhaul. The decision to put together a new bike was therefore pretty easy for me.
A key criterion for the new vehicle was the circuit. Somehow I could never make friends with the derailleur. Hub gears I find because of their positioning is not very optimal. Finally, enough weight is already pressed on the rear wheel on touring bikes. Christian von Tout Terrain and Reto vom Exodus had the right solution for me: the Silkroad Xplore with Pinion transmission.

In May 2014, the first test tour from Cologne to Aarau could start. At the beginning I had to work hard with the dosage. 100% I was not completely satisfied after this tour. Fortunately, Tom helped me from the bike shop Leuthold I met him and his wife Petra in 2012 in Laos.

Tom did a great job and the end result was impressive. Thus, both wheels are tied and soldered, an extra wide handlebar built by Jones (Jones Bikes) and a new Brooks saddle (Flyer S) mounted. Veloladen Leuthold also takes care of the service support during the whole trip, which I am very grateful for.

Of course, it always needs the financial means to handle such a big trip. Fortunately, I was allowed to work as an unskilled laborer during the two years at Tilia Baumpflege Many thanks to the whole team!

But now the crucial question that is asked again and again: Why Africa?
For a long time I thought about which continent fascinates me most to Asia. Soon the black continent crystallized to become my main favorite. It is definitely not an easy place to travel. I'm interested in traveling, especially the different cultures and nature. There are tons of it in Africa.

Europeans have watches. Africans have time.

Africa somehow eliminates any logical explanation. This continent has always lived its own rhythm. He is the second largest continent by extension and population and is considered the cradle of humanity.

In 2 days I start my big journey from Switzerland to East Africa. Last weekend I was able to hold a goodbye party with many people and present the slideshow of my last trip.

At this point I would like to thank all of you for your support and the visit! I was very happy. Thanks alot.

The choice of equipment is usually not easy when cycling tours. After all, every single piece of luggage has to somehow fit in the pockets. By the steel frame, the bike alone has a high weight. When spreading my load I was a little surprised.

How should all this fit on my load ass? After 2 days of logistical capers (and a lot of nerve work) I had everything together and the end result can be seen (see above).

I deliberately did not specify my itinerary exactly. First I want to test myself and my vehicle correctly and try to cross the Alps in the direction of Austria. If we survive, it will roughly continue to Israel. There begins the East African ditch, which runs to Mozambique. This deep fault in the Earth's crust probably originated 20 million years ago as a result of violent volcanic eruptions. Its geological activity has caused the highest mountains and the deepest lakes in Africa.

I'm looking forward to the new adventure and try to keep you up to date. Until tandem ...